Friends of Bass River was formed by neighbors who share a lifelong love of Bass River: Bob Churchill, DeWitt Davenport and Mark Anschutz. Through education, awareness and involvement, these friends hope to inspire all who love the river to join them and become actively involved in its preservation.  

mark anschutz, founding member

 “Learning to swim at Windmill Beach in the mid 1950’s was my first encounter with the river. The water was clear. Holding my breath and opening my eyes in the salty water, I saw all manner of abundant bottom grass, sheltering a seemingly infinite array of sea life.” Some 60 years later, Mark still visits the shores of the river almost daily. Witnessing the many changes to the river reminds him that he is a trustee of this special treasure. Mark has committed himself to preserving the river for generations to come.

dewitt davenport, founding member

"Often times I wonder why my goal is to be on Bass River every day from early spring to late fall. Is it the tranquility, the gentle sounds, the magnificent wildlife habitat? Maybe it's the familiar faces, a wave from a neighbor, or just the quiet solitude. It doesn't matter if there is a spectacular sunrise or the last pink light from a fading sunset; one's soul is at peace on the river. I know I am safe on the river. The feeling is like no other."

bob Churchill, founding member

“To me, the river is a source of living, loving and energy that is second to none.”  A fourth generation, self-professed “River Rat,” Bob heeds the call of the river nearly every day to energize his soul. As a young child, Bob never forgot his father’s words as he sailed his beetle Cat solo for the first time: “Don’t try to control the boat, guide it.” As a steward of Bass River, Bob is dedicated to guiding the health and well-being of this priceless resource.

BRIAN WEINER, executive director


“The sense of solitude and peace I have found living on a peninsula like Cape Cod is unparalleled in my experience. For the last 25 years, I have dedicated regular blocks of time for myself on the Bass River, and that time has provided me with the irreplaceable joy of being able to once again experience the Cape as it was in my boyhood: peaceful, confident and welcoming. At this moment in my life, my focus is aimed at ensuring that I will one day be able to share that same sense of peace with my grandchildren as we kayak the river together. Achieving that goal requires more of me than just my moment on the river. It requires active advocacy and commitment that I feel ever more bound to with each passing trip on the river.”

lisa marie mingo, volunteer coordinator

Mingo for Newsletter.jpg

With a dual professional background of high-level business executive support as well as a licensed Registered Nurse, Lisa currently works within the executive recruiting field focusing on pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. Having relocated full time to Cape Cod in 2016 with her son Maxwell, she enjoys most of her recreational time by the water, whether it be a spring fed pond, salty waves in the river and sound, or in frozen form, inside an ice rink watching youth hockey.