RIVER NEWS: September 2017


A Note of Thanks

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to the more than 50 families that have donated to Friends of Bass River (FOBR).  Your early leadership is enabling us to get off to a great start! We need much more help!  You can contribute by CLICKING HERE.  We are hard at work assessing the river and designing practical, cost-effective initiatives to preserve the largest river on Cape Cod.  Over the coming months, we will be working with community members, towns, county and state agencies to start three very important projects. An integral part of this effort is community support.  Without deep community involvement, the river will continue to degrade and the high quality of life we derive from this waterway will be compromised.  We look forward to hosting a volunteer summit as well as a "State of the River" event in Early October.  Stay tuned for details.  


Thanks to the great effort of the Yarmouth Department of Natural Resources, mobile vessel pump outs were available on weekends on the river this summer. The vessel which is kept in Lewis Bay during weekdays was moved and operated by department staff.  While all new programs take time to gain popularity, more than 15 pump outs were conducted this summer by this mobile weekend service.  This may not seem like a large number, but even small amounts of discharge into the river can cause shellfish to become contaminated and create a public health hazard.  

We are encouraged by this.  We are now in the planning stages to coordinate with town officials and raise the necessary funds to acquire a vessel to remain in the river for pumping out boat waste as well as allow FOBR to work on other initiatives on the river.    

Join Us September 23rd for River Cleanup!

Earlier this summer, Chris Richards collected over 200 pounds of trash from alongside the river.  Now that the summer season is winding down, join us to make sure the debris left behind from a summer of fun get picked up.  Supplies will be provided.  As part of the state-wide Coastsweep program, join FOBR and the Town of Yarmouth Conservation department at 9:00am at Bass River Beach.  We will divide into teams to clean up the river.  Have a boat?  Contact us ahead of time and collect trash from places not accessible by land.  Open to all ages and abilities.

Water Watchers

As town resources continue to be constrained,  several communities have turned to volunteers to conduct seasonal water sampling.  If you would be interested in becoming a Water Watcher for 2018, CLICK HERE.

Rail Bridge Update

The state's contractors have finished work on the Yarmouth side and are now working on the Dennis side.  By widening the bridge supports, FOBR expects the tidal exchange north of Route 6 to increase by up to 50%.  

Filtering the river with Oysters?

We know nitrogen in the river from septic systems and lawn fertilizer is a major contributor to the degraded state of the river.  While town officials are working on land-based solutions, nutrient levels in the slow-moving ground water will continue to contribute to the nitrogen problem in our waterway for decades. We recently visited the Billion Oyster project in New York City to learn from them.  Could this program be part of a greater plan to remove excess nutrients?  Stay Tuned!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Billion Oyster Project.