bass River Mobile PumpOut Boat returns for 2018


Friends of Bass River and the Town of Yarmouth Division of Natural Resources are excited to announce the second summer of FREE mobile pumpout services for Bass River boaters. Here is all you need to know for 2018!


Beginning Memorial Day weekend and continuing through Labor Day:

SUNDAY AFTERNOONS (approximately 1 - 7 p.m.):

The clearly-labeled YARMOUTH PUMPOUT boat will be stationed off Boaters (East) Beach and may be either waved down as it passes or contacted directly on channel 66.

MONDAYS by Appointment:

Call 508-760-4800 with your name, a contact number, the boat name, where it is moored, a brief description, estimated gallons and where the port is located on your boat. That’s it! You don’t even have to be there. 

In addition, the Packet Landing pumpout station near the Route 28 bridge is also available seven days a week by contacting the Division of Natural Resources at 508-760-4800.

The marine waste pumpout station and pumpout boat are both free resources available to all boaters on Bass River to assist them in complying with the “No Discharge Zone” regulations.