Conserving Bass River on Cape Cod, Massachusetts


With its sheltering coves, abundant natural resources, and easy access to Nantucket Sound, Bass River is a treasure like no other. As one of the largest and most beautiful waterways on Cape Cod, Bass River has long been a magnet for boaters, fishermen & settlers alike. But all of this usage comes with a price: Bass River and its resources are being taxed beyond their capacity. The river we all hold so dear is suffering.  It is the duty of all who enjoy and cherish Bass River to protect and preserve it for future generations. With diligence and a community commitment, we can begin to reverse the damage and keep Bass River clean.

Learn more about the Friends of Bass River - who they are, why Bass River needs saving and how you can help.

life on BASS river

When you think of Bass River what comes to mind? For some it means rising at dawn to catch the tide for a solitary kayak ride. For others, Bass River beckons early for a brisk walk on Smugglers Beach before the summer throngs descend. Bass River is fishing and clamming against a crystal blue sky; friends and family cooking out; a hazy day stretching into a golden sunset. Bass River epitomizes everything wonderful about Cape Cod and is a treasure worth preserving.

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threats to the watershed

Footprints in the sand are signs of a good day at the beach. But we can also unknowingly leave behind a different kind of footprint on our shores and waters ā€“ one that isnā€™t quite so pleasant. Pollution, debris and waste all have an impact on our beloved waterway long after we pack up and head home for the day or season.  

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