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What We Do


Upper Bass River Restoration Project

Improving the river at the source 

Most people think Bass River starts at Follins Pond, but the headwaters, a key element of the river's health, lie further west - past the narrows at Crab Creek, past Mill Pond and Hamblins Brook -to the west of Union Street in Yarmouth Port where freshwater springs emerge and trickle under the roadway & into Miss Thachers Pond.

When you hear one of our founders, The Reverend Mark Anshutz speak about the River dying he isn't exaggerating. The river itself isn't dying, but over the last half a century it has become an estuary where no one wants to live - except tourists & those of us lucky enough to call this place home.

What is the MEP Report?

Here at Friends of Bass River we like to talk in acronyms. We call ourselves FOBR and we carry around with us a copy of the MEP Report. When we meet other professionals interested in the health of the river, they take out their dog-eared copies of the MEP Report and we have a geek-fest (well, some of us do, anyway). So you ask - what is the MEP Report?

The Mass Estuaries Project was created in 2001 "to help determine current nitrogen loads to southeastern Massachusetts estuaries and evaluate reductions that would be necessary to support healthy ecosystems."

The MEP studied 70 estuaries along the southeast coast of Massachusetts & for each area they set out to determine the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) of nitrogen that can be handled by the estuary & still support a healthy ecosystem.

In addition to setting a TMDL goal for each estuary they made recommendations on how communities can achieve this target number. This includes the creation and implementation of a Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan.


Capacity Building

Change for the Better

Through our Capacity Building program, we have the potential to make real and positive change. This is one of our key areas of focus here at Friends of Bass River, and a source of much success for our Non-Profit Organization.

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